It is a dual-component, epoxy resin polyamine / polyamide hardener based, adhesion, chemical resistance feature and high performance lining.

Application area : The primer of the epoxy paint system is solid when long-term resistance to rust is desired.

  • The primer of the epoxy paint system is solid when long-term resistance to rust is desired.

Code: Solven-free epoxy lining

Colour: White, grey etc.

Brightness: Checkmate

Density : 1.85 gr/cmɜ

Ignition Point : > 21 °C

Solid Matter : By weight = 75 by volume = 50

Application method : Brush, Spray

Mixture life : 4 hours at 20 degrees Celsius

Mixing Ratio : A Component (Read on Label on Package) B Component (Read on the Label on the Package)

Application thinner : Undiluted

Dyeable Area : 100 micron wet film gives 65-70 micron dry film 0,300-0,500 kg/m2.

Drying time : Touch drying = 2 hours/20 C

Hard drying = 24 hours/20C

Chemical resistance = 7 days/20 C

Application of the second layer: Minimum 8 hours, maximum 24 hours

Application Conditions :Air temperature = at least + 5C / Metal temperature = +5+ 60 C / Relative humidity = < 80%

1. Surface preparation: Expected performance of the finishing paint Surface preparation is very important to be able to show. To be primed Surfaces all kinds of rust, rolling shell, dirt, dust, oil and grease should be cleaned. Surface for cleaning According to the Swedish standard SIS 05 59 00 at least Sa 2 1/2 degree sand spraying is especially recommended. First coat after sandblasting the primer is applied immediately.

2.Primer : Solvent-free epoxy primer double Component is the undercoat. It is thoroughly mixed. Application During the thinner is not used. Bolt in application with the prepared primer Heads welding should take care of seams and sharp edges. Multiple on the floors, wait at least 8 hours between the floors, when 24 hours have passed, the light sandpaper should be done.

3.Finishing Coats : Finishes to be applied on Epoxy primer Epoxy Miox(MikamsıDemir oxide), Epoxy coal taar or Epoxy topcoat, Industrial if desired Acrylic polyurethane topcoats can be applied. The whole tool immediately after application utensils with thinner Cleaned. Indoor ventilation should be done. During ventilation, attention should be paid to the concentration of moisture on the surfaces.

  • Symbol: Xn , F

  • Hazard Warnings : 11-20/21/22
  • Safety Notices : 16-20/21-24/25-38

When the lining is used improperly, it can be harmful to health and create a fire hazard. Therefore, necessary precautions must be taken during storage, transportation and use.