About Us

Safir Paint; In its activities in many different sectors of the paint market, it adopts to meet the expectations of its customers at the highest level in all processes starting from the design of its products and extending to their use.

Safir Paint owes its pioneering and leading qualities, which it strengthens day by day in a constantly developing market and changing competitive environment, to its high level of innovative character and quality understanding based on continuous improvement in all areas. For Safir Paint, quality starts before production and continues after the product reaches the consumer. Safir Paint’s philosophy is to perpetuate its existence as an innovative community that acts in accordance with the laws and moral rules, respects the environment and nature, protects and raises awareness of consumers, integrates with its customers, makes the best use of human resources, adopts the philosophy of “total quality” and participatory management, and always adopts the principle of offering better quality products.

Safir Paint controls the entire adventure of each particle of paint pigment until it becomes paint with the most advanced tests of technology. Because Safir Paint’s main goal is to always offer the highest quality. For this, Safir Paint brings a new dimension to quality control logic and strives to “first create quality” and then make it permanent.

For this purpose, production inputs are examined repeatedly each time to ensure that they comply with the prescribed quality standard and are rejected at the slightest contrary value. Safir Paint is one of the first companies in the Turkish paint industry to receive TSE-ISO 9001 certification in its own branches by showing itself in the application of “quality assurance systems”. Safir Paint has systems in place to receive and analyze customer complaints, provide feedback to customers, and measure customer satisfaction, and Customer Satisfaction is kept at the highest level.

Our Vision and Mission

The policy that SAFIR PAINT does not compromise while continuing its activities; It meets all of them in the most economical way by trying to determine customer expectations and requests fully and accurately.

SAFİR PAINT has given importance to Total Quality Management in every field since its establishment and has the necessary national and international quality certificates in this field.

SAFİR PAINT also continues its training, information and application training activities in order to be closer to its customers and to perform its services in the best way.

SAFİR PAİNT exports a large part of its exports to Asian and Middle Eastern countries; Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia are among the countries it exports to.

Our goal is to provide QUALITY, ACCURATE and FAST service to our customers.